Prof. Rifat Latifi invited at “The First Albanian Diaspora Summit”…

2016-11-19_01November 18, 2016 marked the start of the first ever “3-Day Summit of the Albanian Diaspora”. This event, themed “Free Deliberation, with no discrimination of any kind, religious, territory, ideology, etc.” has gathered in Tirana around 800 representatives of the Albanian Diaspora from over 40 countries around the world.

All the representatives were invited to attend the 3-day summit by Albanian Prime Minister, Mr. Edi Rama and the President of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thaçi.

This summit was a non-political event, with the main focus of building a much wanted and needed bridge of communication, as well as a sustainable cooperation and interaction mechanism between all the Albanians and the “Mother Land”.

During his opening remarks, Prime Minister Rama mentioned: “the Albanian Diaspora, with its one thousand points of view, personal history and experience, is the foundation of a large collective of fantastic experiences, made possible by freedom and knowledge. By gathering all these experiences and by staying as close as possible to the Albanian Diaspora, Albania and Kosovo can become the places where these fantastic experiences can blossom again in the midst of freedom and knowledge. Without its Diaspora, Albania is no bigger than its already multi broken territory. Without each and every one of you and the people you represent, we are an incomplete, unfulfilled and undeveloped in its potential communion”.

In this Summit, Prof. Rifat Latifi, President of IVeH and Director of Telemedicine Program of Albania and Kosovo, was also one of the invited guests. Prof. Latifi presented a lecture titled: “Telemedicine in Albania, the First 8 Years”, where he explained how the program in Albania started, as well as all the challenges and achievements of the Telemedicine Program of Albania, that lead to the creation of a solid and powerful network to improve health care in Albania.

During his remarks, Prof. Latifi, also expressed the importance of developing and implementing new ideas with the Albanian Diaspora to further improve life in Albania.


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Prof. Rifat Latifi- Telemedicine in Albania: The First Eight Years

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