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Technical Assistance for Improving Primary Health Care Service Provision

Country: Albania
Area of competence: Continuing Medical Education
Donor organization: World Bank / Ministry of Health of Albania
Start of Project: 04/2012
End of Project: 06/2012
Value of service: $ 332,383
Partner Organisations: -
Description of Project: 
The project had two components:

1. Conducting training in Family Medicine (FM): The purpose of this component was to improve PHC Service provision, as a core objective of the Government’s long term health sector strategy. This will be accomplished through increasing the PHC provider’s knowledge and skills in the main areas of PHC services as one of the strategies to achieve the above goal.

2. Conducting training in Quality Improvement (QI): This component was implemented in close collaboration with the National Center for Quality, Safety and Accreditation of Health Institutions (NCQSA). The purpose of this component was to contribute towards the increasing need to introduce a quality culture and principles as well as quality improvement (QI) methods in the health care settings particularly in PHC. The objective was to provide QI training to three levels of service provision: primary, secondary and tertiary health care.

Description of Services
Family Medicine Training:
IVeH, in close collaboration with the Department of Family Medicine, elaborated the final version of the family medicine manual to be used in this training process. The Consultant, in close collaboration with the DFM and the MoH identified the lecturers (32 lecturers / trainers) for the FM training courses.

The content of the FM training module included 50 topics. The Consultant collaborated closely with the management and the staff of the DFM and the MoH (central and local offices) to conduct the training activity as requested and to regularly supervise the whole process. The 50 topics were grouped in 28 modules based on the similarities between topics.

As per the Terms of Reference, the finalized manual was submitted to the National Center of Continuous Education (NCCE) and they accredited the activity for a total of 112 points.

Ultimately, a total number of 631 doctors were trained in Family Medicine, divided by regions as follows:

- Tirana region: 248 doctors
- Elbasan region: 164 doctors trained
- Durres region: 219 doctors trained

Training in Quality Improvement
The trainers identified in collaboration with NCQSA delivered training to the identified participants divided in 3 groups based on the respective work institutions. Each group received 8 days of training, covering all the 37 topics requested in the Terms of Reference. This training was accredited with 48 points.

In the end, a total number of 121 doctors were trained as follows:

- PHC health centers: 33 health providers
- PHC policlinics: 28 health providers
- Hospital Maternity: 60 health providers