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Cabo Verde Training Program

International Telemedicine and e-Health Leadership Program

During April 2013, two groups of doctors and nurses from the West African island nation of Cabo Verde, in a total of 26 persons, attended an International Telemedicine and e-Health Leadership Program. The program took place at the Telemedicine Center of Albania premises and Telemedicine Center of Kosova as well. During the training, the Cabo Verdean participants attended lectures, conducted group work as well as hands-on practice. They had the chance to visit the Regional Telemedicine Center of Durres as well.

Fig 1: Classroom events were combined with… Fig 2: … hands on practical activities

The purpose of this program was to train the physicians and nurses from Cabo Verde through the experiences of the Albanian staff of the Telemedicine Program in Albania. On the occasion of the first group, on opening ceremony took place with several invited dignitaries, as Mr. Bojan BERTONCELJ, Ambassador of the Republic of Sllovenia in Albania, Mr. Marc Ellingstad, USAID Albania, Mr. Goran Gracik, Vice Director of the ITF Enhancing Human Security (a Slovenian based international NGO) and Dr. Gazmend Bejtja, Director of Public Health, Ministry of Health. The opening ceremony was broadly represented in both written and electronic media.

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