The Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program of Albania (ITeHP-AL) is managed by a compact team of international and national experts. As of March 2014, the program has 7 full time staff members. A network of 16 persons (coordinators and associate coordinators) is present in eight regional hospitals, whereas a second network of 9 clinical coordinators directs different clinical and educational program components.

ITeHP-AL staff members are as follows:

  • Prof. Rifat Latifi, Project Director
  • Arian Boci, Program Coordinator
  • Manjola Oshafi, Associate Program Coordinator
  • Orland Qesteri, Technical Coordinator
  • Julian Kucani, Legal Advisor
  • Evis Bakiu, Computer Programmer
  • Ardi Sulo, Associate Technical Coordinator
  • Laureta Soi, Administrative Assistant