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Leadership Training in Kosova

E-Library Training: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

The e-Library Training took place in Prishtina, Kosova on February 21-23, 2011 at the Telemedicine Center of Kosova (TCK). This was the next course of the series of trainings done for leadership including Telemedicine coordinators and their assistants.  The director of TCK opened the training program and stressed the importance of using the E-Library. The leadership team was presented first with the steps of the foundation and development of TCK. Also, they were presented to all job tasks necessary on creating an Electronic Library. Basic information about IT – infrastructure of e-Library was given for the participants. Another important element was the presentation with the most important and useful e-Library resources for medicine. Several tutorial hours were organized on learning and practice on how to access, search and find online resources. Lastly, the program demonstrated how telemedicine can support health education reform. The participants learned about how telehealth can support and improve clinical research, educational research, and administrative research.