Teleradiology is one of the main elements of the Clinical Telemedicine program of ITeHP. Its main importance is to deliver Teleconsults from Regional Hospitals that need more professional Medical Imaging consultancy. The software used for teleradiology consults is accesed through the website The software that supports the teleconsultations is developed by programmers at the Telemedicine Center of Albania.

It is important to highlight that Teleradiology holds the highest number of Teleconsults, from where only for September 2014, the total number is 45 Teleradiology consults.

Teleradiology consults are developed in two methods:

Store-and-Forward: were the radiology Dicom images are uploaded to the Telemedicine server online and later reviewed by the consulting specialist.

Store-and-Forward + Live Teleconsultation: Dicom images are uploaded to the Telemedicine server and reviewed in a live teleconsultation of the referring and consulting specialist