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Clinical Telemedicine

Clinical Telemedicine is defined as offering of diagnostic and curative medical services through the telecommunication devices, when the provider and beneficiary of the service are at a distance. Clinical telemedicine has been a part of ITeHP network for over a year.

The following clinical programs have been implemented thus far:

  • Teletrauma: the Military University Trauma Center is connected through the network with the RH Durrës; two additional regional hospitals are expected to be connected within May 2013;
  • Telestroke: the Neurology, Neurosurgery and Neuroradiology services in UHCT “Mother Teresa” are connected with the six regional hospitals mentioned above; and
  • Teleophthalmology: cooperation between the Ophthalmology Department in UHCT “Mother Theresa” and Galway University Hospital in Ireland.
  • Telepsychiatry: cooperation between Psychiatry service in UHCT “Mother Teresa” and local and foreign NGO.

On July 2011, the first teleconsultation was completed by Prof. Pal Xhumari and the Hematology Department staff of UHCT (University Hospital Center Tirana) with Tennessee Cancer Institute. The clinical cases of the two patients were discussed. In addition to the teleconsultations for particular clinical cases, many stable clinical programs were developed.


The activity of the clinical component of the ITeHP-AL increased significantly during 2014. 380 teleconsultations took place during the first nine months of the year as compared to a total number of 71 teleconsultations that took place during 2013 (an over 5 fold increase). Only during July 2014 and September 2014 alone were organized more teleconsultations than during the whole year 2013. Teleradiology is the flagship clinical program with over 50% of the total number of teleconsultations. Teleautism, teleneurotrauma and telestroke are also among the best programs.

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