RTMC Shkoder

Durres RTMC 1

The Telemedicine Center in the Shkodra Regional Hospital is located in the main entrance of the hospital. It is divided in two main rooms; one is the main conference room and the Electronic Library. The conference room can hold up to 30 participants, and is equipped with a PC and a monitor all connected with the Polycom HDX 7000 conference equipment which delivers HD video conferencing. This equipment connects our Shkodra Telemedicine Center with the entire Telemedicine network.


The Electronic Library is composed of 4 PC, which have access to all electronic library services offered by the Telemedicine and e-Health Program.

It is important to mention that this Telemedicine Center has full access and usability to Telemedicine Continuous Education Program and real-time Teleconsults.

This Telemedicine Center was inaugurated on November 9, 2012 in an opening ceremony in the Regional Telemedicine Center of Shkodra supported by the US Army Corps of Engineers funds. The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of US to Albania, H.E. Alexander Arvizu, the Minister of Health, Dr. Vangjel Tavo, Prof. Rifat Latifi, President of IVeH, USAID Mission Director Mr. Jim Barnhart and representatives from USAID/Albania, US Army Corps of Engineers and other representatives from MoH.

During the walkthrough of the participants on the premises of Telemedicine Center the ceremony the US Ambassador and the Minister of Health symbolically unveiled the logo of the Regional Telemedicine Center of Shkodra.


The Coordinator for the Shkodra Telemedicine Center is Dr. Greta Naraci. Dr. Naraci is a specialist doctor in Infective-Pediatric. She has been working in the Ragional Shkodra Hospital since 1985, and is Head of the Pediatrics Department.

Dr. Naraci also took part in the telemedicine leadership and training events like:

  • 4th Intensive Balkan Telemedicine and e-Health Seminar.
  • “International Congress on Telemedicine and e-Health”; the 5th Balkan Telemedicine and e-Health Seminar, Kosove.
  • Annual Albanian Leadership Development for Telemedicine and e-Health Seminar.
  • Clinical Leadership Telemedicine Training Program.
  • Second Clinical Leadership Telemedicine Training Program.
  • Electronic Library Training, Prishtine, Kosove.