RTMC Kukes


The Telemedicine Center in Kukes Regional Hospital is located near the main entrance of the Hospital. It has a meeting room, an auditorium and an electronic library room. This Telemedicine Center is equipped with Polycom HDX 7000 conferencing tech.

Like in all Telemedicine Centers this one is also equipped with the Electronic Library System, composed of three personal computers, which promote continuous education program.


rtmc_kukes_3The Coordinator for the Telemedicine Center of Kukes is Dr. Enriketa Oka. Dr. Oka started her studies in the Faculty of Medicine, in the field of General Medicine in 2000 and finished her specialization in 2008 for Pediatry near University Hospital of “Mother Teresa”, Tirane. Since 2008, Dr. Oka has been working at the Kukes Regional Hospital as a Pediatrician.