RTMC Korce


The Telemedicine Center in Korçë Regional Hospital is located in the third floor. It is composed of two rooms which are equipped with every Telemedicine Tech.

The first room is the Conferencing Room. This room is equipped with a TV screen connected with the TeleConferencing Device of Polycom, which connects this center with all the Albanian Telemedicine Network and as well as its international network. The device used in this room is Polycom HDX 7000 which provides HD video Conferencing. Also another important role has the second room, which is the Electronic Library. It is equipped with four Personal Computers, all of them connected with the worldwide electronic library, provides from the Telemedicine Center of Albania.


Another important step in the Regional Telemedicine Center Korçë, is the use of Teleconferencing Cart, which is a portable machine equipped with Polycom HDX 6000 and a personal computer, which store patients database and provide real-time patient monitoring. Its importance lies on the fact that it is widely used on patients unable to move to the conferencing room, when it is needed a real-time video teleconsult.


The coordinator for the Telemedicine Center in Korçë is Dr. Reitano Galica. Dr. Galica graduated for General Medicine in the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “IULIU HATIEGANU”, Rumania. Later after graduation he specialized for Obstetrics-Gynecology, in the Obstetric-Gynecologic clinic II “Dominic Stanca”, Rumania. Dr. Galica started his work as an obstetrics-gynecologic doctor in the Korça Regional Hospital in 2007, and today is chief of Maternity Department in Korçë.

Dr. Galica also took part in the telemedicine leadership and training events like:

  • 4th Intensive Balkan Telemedicine and e-Health Seminar.
  • Albania Leadership Telemedicine Training Program.
  • “International Congress on Telemedicine and e-Health”; the 5th Balkan Telemedicine and e-Health Seminar, Kosovë.
  • Annual Albanian Leadership Development for Telemedicine and e-Health Seminar.
  • Clinical Leadership Telemedicine Training Program.