RTMC Diber

The Regional Telemedicine Center of Dibër is located in the fourth floor of the Hospital. This center is consisted of 2 rooms; one is the Meeting Room and Electronic Library.
The meeting room can hold up to 30 participants and is equipped with a Polycom HDX 8000 videoconferencing technology, which gives this center access to the Telemedicine Network.
Also the Electronic Library consists of three personal computers connected with the PubMed and Hinari electronic online database.



The coordinator for the Telemedicine Center of Dibër is Dr. Gazmend Xhembulla. In 1991, Dr. Xhembulla finished his studies for General Medicine, near the Faculty of Medicine, Tirane. Later from 1994-1998 he specialized for General Surgery near the “Mother Teresa” Hospital, in the Department of Surgery. Dr. Xhembulla today is the chief of Emergency Service in the Dibër Regional Hospital.

Contact: gxhembulla@telemedicine.al