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Regional Centers

The Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Network in Albania, is spread in 11 Regional Centers, which are located in every Regional Hospital. Every one of these Regional Centers is equipped with Polycom Videoconferencing Technology, from which it provides real-time access with all the Telemedicine Network.

Also every one of these centers provides access to the Electronic Library system, which enables the medical staff the possibility to read the latest publishing of the online websites of PubMed and Hinari. The role of Electronic Library is made available on behalf of the Program of Distance Continuous Education.

Every Telemedicine Regional Center has as a representative one Coordinator and an Associate Coordinator, who directs the work in this center, and informs the medical staff for activities and possible conferences. Every Representative is in the meantime a staff of the Regional Hospital.

It is important to highlight that every Regional Center has a full access to the National and International Telemedicine network, which enable the Regional Hospital to connect inside and outside the country.