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TM “Shefqet Ndroqi”

This Telemedicine Center is the latest National Center implemented by ITeHP of Albania. This center started its work on the October 3-rd, 2014, were the team of engineers of the Integrated Telemedicine and E-Health Program of Albania installed the latest Telemedicine equipment, thus providing this hospital all the needed technology for Teleconsultations, Videoconferencing and Electronic Library.

This national center is located in the fourth floor of the hospital, and can hold up to 50 participants. This center provides a crucial point for ITeHP-Albania in optimizing teleconsultations for “lung disease” cases, from every Regional Telemedicine Center.

The first teleconsult with this center happened on October 15, 2014, were the referring case was from the Korҫa Regional Hospital. This teleconsult was one of the best examples, how telemedicine reaches every medical specialty, providing patients relief and minimizing costs, affected from distant area location.