Terms of Reference for Production of a Video Documentary

TOR ImageThe Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program of Albania (ITeHP-AL) is a program that is implemented by the International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation (IVeH). ITeHP is financed by USAID Albania through a Cooperation Agreement with Ministry of Health that initially covered the period between September 2009 and November 2011, to be followed by a second and third agreement for the period between November 2011 and December 2016. The goal of the third phase (2013-2016) is to ensure the network’s sustainability and technology transfer in order to enable Albanian counterpart institutions to independently and successfully operate the system.
Entering the sixth year of operation in Albania, the telemedicine network map is completed covering five (5) University hospitals and 11 regional hospitals which offer clinical consultation, distance educational program and the e-health library. As a result of IVeH advocacy efforts with counterpart institutions, the telemedicine network was extended beyond the scope and initial working plan, now to cover 14 local terminals within the “Mother Theresa” University Hospital and 2 telemedicine center at district hospitals (Saranda and Tropoja) in addition to the above mentioned centers.
To better document our work, strengthen our partnerships and improve advocacy efforts, IVeH would like to produce a video documentary by highlighting program key achievements and significant success stories of beneficiaries of the intervention across the entire spectrum of our programming.

Deadline for submission is Friday, April 15, 2016: 16.30 EST

Please submit your ideas at: boci@iveh.org

For more information please refer to the Terms of Reference attached below.


ToR for documentary movie

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